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High-quality research is essential for the attainment of the highest possible level of health to enable health policies and practices be grounded in the best scientific knowledge (World Health Assembly, 2010). Effective knowledge management can be done through structured mechanisms to synthesize, share and translate research into meaningful policy advice for uptake by decision-makers.

The Kenya Health Observatory (KHO) programme is designed to address the challenges of health research knowledge management. In so doing, it will guide research capacity building efforts, identify health research needs, feed into county as well as national health priority setting mechanisms, and guide new investments in research based on public health needs. The proposed platform will be updated regularly from information and analysis of research evidence generated by institutions (public & private) undertaking research in health in Kenya.
  • To collate research publications and synthesis into disease domains from Kenya institutions involved in research for health.
  • To collate approved health-related research proposals as granted by ethical bodies.
  • To collate information relating to human resource involved in research for health from Kenyan institutions (both public & private).
  • To document the budgetary trends and source of funds for research proposals in Kenya.
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